Dark ‘n Cold at Chris’s House?

20111030 Dark N Cold At Chriss House

More than 24 hours after the freakish pre-Halloween mini-blizzard, there are major branches down all over my backyard, and the snow that was so much fun to campaign in yesterday – hat/tip to all my Flemington neighbors who were so surprised and happy to see Marie Corfield out door-knocking, with me driving a 4-wheel drive behind her – is melting …

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Occupy Trenton’s Day in Court (video)

20111028 Occupy Trentons Day In Court Video

Yesterday, we saw the results of a statewide poll that by overwhelming numbers New Jerseyans support the Jersey participants of …

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Occupy Trenton: Waiting For Redress of Grievances

20111028 Occupy Trenton Waiting For Redress Of Grievances

We are still awaiting an Occupy Trenton ruling from Judge Mary Jacobson of the Mercer County Superior Court. This ruling …

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Quote of the Day: Cellmates

20111027 Quote Of The Day Cellmates

Yesterday, I spent part of my day observing Occupy Trenton’s court challenge to the State of New Jersey’s repeated harassement …

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ACLU says state is infringing on 1st Amendment rights of Trenton protesters

20111026 ACLU Says State Is Infringing On 1st Amendment Rights Of Trenton Protesters

TRENTON — As tension between police and anti-greed protesters escalates across the country, the New Jersey American Civil Liberties Union …

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Occupy your law books, New Jersey

20111026 Occupy Your Law Books New Jersey

Ed is the Legal Director for ACLU-NJ – an invaluable institution in this state. I’d recommend the 2 .pdf’s he …

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Occupy Trenton Goes to Court

20111026 Occupy Trenton Goes To Court

Update: 5:00 PM: The hearing has concluded and the judge’s decision may become known as soon as tommorrow or the …

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Free Speech vs. “Aesthetics”: Occupy Trenton Goes to Court

20111026 Free Speech Vs. Aesthetics Occupy Trenton Goes To Court

In Trenton today, just blocks from where people protesting economic inequity are in Day 21 of their occupation, ACLU-NJ went …

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State Street Juxtaposition: “Fair School Funding” & Occupy Trenton

20111024 State Street Juxtaposition Fair School Funding Occupy Trenton

Right now, there’s an interesting juxtaposition going on in Trenton. The Occupy Trenton folks, who have addressed American economics by …

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OWS food drive in NJ.

20111022 OWS Food Drive In NJ

In Montclair I’ve orgainzed food donations and delivery to Zuccotti Park the last 2 Fridays. I was recently contacted by …

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Occupy Trenton: Support from Senator Turner And More

20111019 Occupy Trenton Support From Senator Turner And More

Senator Shirley K. Turner (D-15th), whose district includes Trenton in a telephone interview today, said, “The issues the occupiers are …

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