Trenton activists protest shooting death of Florida teen, Trayvon Martin

20120331 Trenton Activists Protest Shooting Death Of Florida Teen Trayvon Martin

TRENTON — Although there was another murder in the capital city earlier this week — the city’s fifth this year — it took the shooting death of a teenager more than a thousand miles away in Florida to mobilize hundreds of area residents for a rally yesterday calling for peace and justice. The national outrage over the shooting of unarmed …

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Occupy Trenton Holds Trayvon Vigil

20120325 Occupy Trenton Holds Trayvon Vigil

TRENTON– On February 26th in Sanford, Florida. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, tracked down and shot 17 year old …

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From Perch Across From Capitol, A Patient Protest Occupies Trenton

20120321 From Perch Across From Capitol A Patient Protest Occupies Trenton

It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon, and Charlie Hardy of the Occupy Trenton protest group is sitting where he spends most …

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Sustaining the Occupy Movement

20120307 Sustaining The Occupy Movement

by Miki Kashtan March 7, 2012 In the fall of 2011, as the Occupy movement spread around the nation and …

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