Protest Corporate Welfare for Prudential


In Solidarity with Occupy Essex, we joined in a protest on Friday June 1 to object to the awarding of a $210 million tax break for Prudential to move a few blocks to a new location in Newark.  

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Occupy Wall Street Sues NYC Over Confiscated Books

20120528 Peoples Library

According to various news sources, Occupy Wall Street filed a federal lawsuit recently against the City of New York, claiming …

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20120516 OWS RIP

Remember when Occupy Wall Street was sweeping the nation? The media branded it the left’s answer to the Tea Party, …

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Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This [Video]

2010515 Governor Christie And Mayor Booker Dont Worry Weve Got This

This is pretty dumb! With all of the real issues to work on these two public leeches make a batman …

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