Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This [Video]

2010515 Governor Christie And Mayor Booker Dont Worry Weve Got This

This is pretty dumb! With all of the real issues to work on these two public leeches make a batman and robin youtube video. Well I live in NJ & although these two [are] popular, I have never heard anyone, in any direct way, say anything either of these guys has done has benefitted society or themselves in anyway.

It may seem dumb but we need more of this. Two people who are polar opposites politically having some fun. The US Senate USED to be like this (Kennedy and McCain were best friends). Comity and civility are gone. Booker is NEVER aloof in spite of being a Rhodes scholar and a grad of Yale Law.

I like Booker and Christie, but this video is boring. I now look at B and C as cornballs.

Welcome to America, the place where politicians forget about the people and by all means bolster their celebrity. Congrats Gov and Mayor, you make me sick.

Hilarious video – as only press clubs can do and do so well. Too bad people don’t have enough sense of humor to appreciate it. Relax, folks.

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