General Assemblies are public meetings at which all attendees have an equal vote. Each GA is a gathering of active occupiers where you can bring your ideas, and vote on proposals before the assembly (yes, you can even vote at your very first GA!). You will also hear about upcoming events, direct actions, activities offered by affiliated groups and much more.

At the GA, you can ask questions, meet other occupiers, find a working group, volunteer and let your talents shine. When you attend the GA, you are the occupation!

The stack is a prior list of concerns brought to the GA. It gives the meeting its structure and ensures that each idea is heard. It allows us to get through the agenda, prioritize proposals and manage the needs of the assembly. To add an item to the stack, click here!

Committees wield power assigned by the General Assembly. Current committees include Finance Committee, Web Design Committee, Social Media & Moderation Committee. The committees are discrete entities that report to the General Assembly but are empowered to act independently of the GA (for example, the Finance Committee can pay various bills without getting each one approved each time by the GA but yet is responsible for reporting its ongoing activities to the GA).

Working groups are formed to accomplish tasks and initiatives. Occupiers may form working groups that are in alignment with the stated goals of Occupy Trenton (tasks can range from the mundane – such as office cleanup – to the very challenging – such as researching and proposing legislation). Working groups do not need to be approved by the General Assembly.

We welcome exchanges of solidarity with both individuals and groups. We seek to acknowledge injustices and symptoms of our systemic inequities and to offer support (both symbolic and practical) to any other organizations addressing these concerns.

Occupy Trenton works in cooperation with like-minded people active in other volunteer organizations. These organizations are our “affinity groups.” They are wholly or in part striving toward the same objectives and have agreed to present their proposals, criticisms, and training resources. They have specifically agreed to be an affinity group; they are allowed to utilize our resources and our name.