Kevin Riordan: A quiet but determined Occupier in Trenton

20111108 Kevin Riordan A Quiet But Determined Occupier In Trenton 2

Gently rocking in a canvas chair at Occupy New Jersey, Edward Anthony Salter seems as serene as the Sunday morning …

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N.J. is ordered to return Occupy Trenton possessions

20111108 N.J. Is Ordered To Return Occupy Trenton Possessions

TRENTON — The state must return the seized possessions of Occupy Trenton protesters at a park across from the Statehouse, …

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Occupy Trenton – Court Orders A Malleable Interpretation of Free Speech

20111108 Occupy Trenton Court Orders A Malleable Interpretation Of Free Speech

In the Occupy Trenton case, after Judge Mary Jacobson (Mercer County Superior Court) issued her “reasons” for granting “limited, temporary …

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Occupy Trenton Wins Free Speech Case

20111107 Occupy Trenton Wins Free Speech Case

Occupy Trenton, the 24/7 protest against vast economic disparities now one month old has won its case against the state. …

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Occupy Trenton: Waiting for “Here Comes the Judge”

20111106 Occupy Trenton Waiting For Here Comes The Judge

While we await the judge’s decision in the October 26 ACLUNJ court case on behalf of Occupy Trenton, a similar …

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Occupy Trenton: TN Verdict a Harbinger for NJ?

20111101 Occupy Trenton TN Verdict A Harbinger For NJ

In a Nashville case which bears similarity to the Occupy Trenton suit now before the Mercer County Superior Court, (CNN) …

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Dark ‘n Cold at Chris’s House?

20111030 Dark N Cold At Chriss House

More than 24 hours after the freakish pre-Halloween mini-blizzard, there are major branches down all over my backyard, and the …

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Occupy Trenton’s Day in Court (video)

20111028 Occupy Trentons Day In Court Video

Yesterday, we saw the results of a statewide poll that by overwhelming numbers New Jerseyans support the Jersey participants of …

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Occupy Trenton: Waiting For Redress of Grievances

20111028 Occupy Trenton Waiting For Redress Of Grievances

We are still awaiting an Occupy Trenton ruling from Judge Mary Jacobson of the Mercer County Superior Court. This ruling …

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Quote of the Day: Cellmates

20111027 Quote Of The Day Cellmates

Yesterday, I spent part of my day observing Occupy Trenton’s court challenge to the State of New Jersey’s repeated harassement …

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